Blue Eagle Lithium

The world is shifting toward new, clean energy solutions that run on lithium-based batteries.

Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) is committed to contributing to that global shift while taking
advantage of the unprecedented economic opportunity it represents.

About Us

Lithium Exploration & Development

We’re engaged in identifying, evaluating, and developing early-stage, high-potential lithium exploration opportunities, like our Railroad Valley prospect in Nevada.

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The lithium market represents an exciting story of new uses, surging demand, rising prices, and concerns around supply.

The recent introduction of lithium-ion batteries transformed the market’s dynamics, speed, and ever-growing need – turning lithium into a metal that’s vital to massive worldwide markets.

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Lithium Exploration

Blue Eagle’s Railroad Property warrants surface and shallow drilling evaluation for possible surface-mineable lithium-rich units based on various sources of geological data.

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Market Growth

The lithium market is expected to grow by over 285% from 2018 to 2027, creating a huge market disruption and a significant opportunity for lithium exploration companies and investors.

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Region Advantages

Railroad Valley represents a larger catchment area than lithium-producing Clayton Valley, and a basin fill about twice the size based on seismic surveys and oil well drilling data.

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Seasoned Team

We’ve assembled a world-class team of proven industry veterans with over 60 years of collective industry experience in the financial, energy and geology fields.

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